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Amy Zager California Tattoo Artist


Are you taking new appointments?

I keep my consultation form up and available to keep new ideas on my radar. I’ll post to all social media chanels when I’m close to scheduling new work, which happens periodically through the year. Sometimes several clients elect to expand on their projects, and my books stay closed a little longer during these booking blocks so I can wrap things up before new concepts get my full attention

How do I book?

My consultation form and waitlist are always open on my website. I select projects based on the concept and style to make sure I'm just the right artist for each tattoo. Unfortunately at this point I can't reply to every single inquiry, but I do keep everything on file and will reach out if I can work your project into my books! Last minute openings do pop up - follow my Instagram stories for the fastest info. I also prioritize concepts from my wanna-dos. See if there's anything that sparks your inspiration, or let's use it as launch point for something new! I typically book 3-4 months out, longer if needed for clients to plan travel to me. Information is covered in more detail via the consult form.

Can I DM you on Facebook/Instagram?

DMs are a great place for general questions and social chat. I genuinely love staying in touch with my clients, including future ones! But it becomes an unsearchable mess for any details I need to reference for a tattoo design, destroys image resolution, and loses attachments entirely 😭 Send anything project-related in an email (just reply to the consult form). Your tattoo is worth it! I'll happily redirect ya to email if it's something I can't risk slipping through the digital cracks.

Do you travel?

I love to travel, and will post to social media when I have availability at any of my usual haunts! As of 2023 I have rates for private client travel - this lets me book a dedicated trip to a studio closer to you, solely for your project. Typically I can schedule these in priority ahead of my next booking block. More info is available in my Instagram highlights. If travel is an option for you at all, the studio is only 15 minutes from the Oakland airport. Many travel clients tackle larger projects over two (or more) days back to back. It takes some serious grit but is well worth it in the end.

Finding good reference photos:

If your design involves several elements, note the most important ones to prioritize, and please know that LESS IS MORE. I can't put 10lbs of design in a 2lb bag. If you want a tiger with some flowers send me photos showing the type of tiger you like - Bengal or Siberian? Full face or profile, serene or snarling? What flowers - a few large blooms, or many clusters, and what specific colors? If you want a comic character, show me the specific costume (or you're getting Wolverine's yellow spandex on your Thor). Clear, high resolution references help me out a lot! Use Google advanced image search, or try a stock photography website and grab your favorites! I also appreciate seeing other tattoos or artwork you're into so I can get your specific vibe within the range of styles I handle.

My tattoo is booked! Now what?

I'll have a set of references or a rough mockup prepped for the day of the tattoo appointment so we can hit the ground running with stenciling and hand-drawing. If you think of any additional details over the next few weeks in addition to what we covered in your consultation, send 'em my way! You'll get a reminder email two weeks ahead of our date to collect any last thoughts so I can do my homework, and cover some extra details for the day.

Can you let me know if you have anything open sooner?

I very much wish I could! Unfortunately it’s not logistically possible - if my Friday opens up on a Monday and I start down the list, I may only reach a handful of people waiting for each person to pass before I contact the next, and there are dozens of you hoping to grab a spot 💜 The most fair way I’ve found to do this is posting to social media. Last minute openings do pop up - turn on story and post notifications to get first dibs!

Can I see/save/buy the tattoo design?

I typically do not work on the design until the week of our appointment, but I do leave time the day of for final edits, color choices, and any changes needed to accommodate size, placement, and complexion. The reference is never 100% representative of the final tattoo, it's more of a guideline and collection of ideas for us to follow as a jumping off point for the design. Much of the final framework of the composition is hand drawn directly on you (in marker first!) because everything is so dependant on the size and placement on a moving body, and much more dimensional than a flat photo. I’m more than happy to show examples of a mock up or stencil vs final tattoo to demystify the art - check out the "Process" series in my Instagram highlights!

What are "Wannados"?

They're tattoo concepts I wanna do 😁 check my story highlights for some inspiration. Top of the list is nerdy pop culture, especially comic books, movies, fantasy, Ghibli, Disney, 80s/90s nostalgia, video games, and select portrait or caricature work. Anything galaxy, space, or ocean themed. Astronauts, divers, creatures real and fantasy, planets and alien spacescapes. And ALWAYS pet portraits!

What are your hours?

I work between 1030a - 630, Monday through Friday. I do have limited time at an after hours/weekend rate if that's the better option for you, just let me know!

Shut up and take my money!

Zelle or cash is great, but I do gladly take PayPal, Venmo, Cashapp, Apple Pay, and all major credit cards through Square - I got em all 😆

Tattoo Time!

Some tips for the day: Have a large healthy meal just before our appointment, something that'll digest well and keep you full for hours. Go for that "happy belly naptime" feel. There’s no food allowed in the procedure area, but bring water or juice, and a carbohydrate-y snack for when we take breaks. We have wifi, and you're welcome to have a book, phone, or headphones while we work. Remember your state ID, a clean protective mask if you’re unvaccinated or at higher risk for airborne pathogens, and comfortable, clean clothes. I provide disposable pasties and undergarments if needed. Sunglasses may be helpful if you’re light sensitive, my work lights are intense. See you soon!

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