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Amy Zager tattooing watercolor design with vibrant pigments.

The work and life of Oakland-based artist Amy Zager has been known to push boundaries.

Her approach blends a traditional "real media" approach to digital design and painterly tattoos.

I'm Amy.


Oakland, CA | Denver, CO | Chicago, IL 

Updated 05/14/24


Greetings from your friendly neighborhood tattoo artist from the heart of Chicago, now soaking up the vibes in my private studio high in the hills of Oakland. I’ve got a thing for putting your heart on your sleeve, specializing in illustrative realism and watercolors that breathe life into every stroke, from dynamic portraits of people and animals to the wonders of nature, space, and science.

Here, it’s more than a studio; it’s a space where everyone fits, period. Tattoos are for every damn body, and I mean that—every size, gender, configuration, chemistry, and color. Can’t make it the west coast? I’m glad to plan private travel for your project, or meet me on the road at one of my 2024 convention spots. This year I'm hitting Iowa's Middle of the Map and Literary Ink in Chattanooga!


I’m also absolutely thrilled to announce that for the entire month of June 2024,

I’ll be once again joining forces with the incredible team at @blackbirdinktattoo in Longmont Colorado, just outside of Denver! It’s going to be a month filled with creativity, collaboration, and, of course, some seriously amazing tattoos.

Thank you all for riding along. My door and consultation form are always open, even if my calendar’s packed. I want to take a moment to thank YOU for your continued support, and for allowing me to be a part of your own artistic journey, even if I only appear in your feed and haven’t tattooed you (yet!) Your loyalty means everything to me, and I promise to continue providing you with the best possible experience. Thank you all for riding along. My door and consultation form are always open, even if my calendar’s packed.


Get the most current updates on scheduling, travel spots, Flash events, and last-minute availability on my social media channels. Turn on notifications to my pages and say hi in the comments so future posts will be more visible in your feed. My Instagram subscribers get the updates first, straight to their DMs - you can sign up at @painterlyfiend 

I do prioritize concepts from my wanna-dos (they live in the highlights on my Instagram profile) See if there's anything that sparks your inspiration, or let's use it as a launch point for something new.

Check out my new FAQ page for more info.


For new clients, please check out my spiffy new consultation form here.





Skyline Tattoo Studios

11881 Skyline Blvd

Suite E

Oakland, CA


Text Only: 224-326-0266

Please follow social media for travel and convention information




Monday - Friday: 10am - 5pm
Travel, after-hours, and weekend rates available

Thanks for submitting!

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