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Consultation and Deposit: FAQ


Every tattoo I take on is custom for each of my clients. I've created a handy form here to get us started with your design. Take your time filling it out, this will be what I refer back to when I'm working on your design as our appointment day comes up.

I need to get a good idea of your style, ensure that I'm the best artist for your design, and come up with a composition. It's great to gather a variety of references from photographs and artwork to fully flesh out your design. Help me visualize your idea with as many specifics as you can. If, say, you want a tiger in profile with a yellow rose, try to find a photo that speaks to you. I love working with photographs from life.


I will usually ask for a snapshot of the area you'd like to be tattooed. You can even doodle a circle around it, to help me get an idea of the scale we're working with. 

Appointments generally have a minimum of a two-hour commitment to each piece. This ensures that I'll be able to give you the custom detail and a substantial size that will let your artwork really sing. I do require a non-refundable booking fee to secure your appointment!


I take a booking fee to secure appointments only after corresponding to discuss details. The booking fee is deducted from the total of your tattoo, at the last session for multi-session projects.

Studio policy is to offer a reschedule with your booking fee as a one-time courtesy with at least 72 hours notice. A reschedule including a new booking fee may be required due to significant last-minute changes to the subject matter, placement, or style, or arriving to the appointment with sunburn or other skin reaction, spray tan, taking accutane or antibiotics, or using any topical numbing creams on the area to be tattooed.


Booking fees are not refundable for any reason other than my own need to reschedule indefinitely due to illness or losing a crucial limb in a battle to the death with a grizzly bear.

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